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You’ve heard Jeffrey Hedquist’s voice on commercials for Goodyear, Ford, McDonald’s, Time-Life, Dutch Boy Paint, Sunbeam, Cingular, Delta Airlines, The Body Shop, and the American Heart Association as well as for hundreds of regional clients.

“Just wanted to thank you for your terrific work on the Fuddruckers TV voice-over. Blew everybody away that after hiring an L.A. casting service to audition voice-over talent, your audition ran rings around the stuff from ‘the coast.’

No offense to the Californians, but while their interpretations covered a range from, say, A to G, you went all the way past Z to some letter no one’s ever heard of before. In fact, we probably could have put the spot together using your audition takes and skipped the session completely. But nooooooo, we had to make you slave over a hot mic.”

-Poppy Sundeen, Poppywriter, Inc., Dallas, TX

He’s narrated thousands of videos for many of the most well-known companies in the world, as well as best-selling audiobooks, including 27 versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Did you know he’s available for your project?

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Now you could hire a voice actor who does one thing really well, but sometimes you just might want someone who can bring a few different interpretations to the microphone.

“We have been working with Jeffrey and his endless parade of characters, voices and ideas since 1985. The quality of work, unbounded creativity, and high degree of professionalism he brings to every project, commercial and/or industrial has never ceased to amaze us.”
-Chip Ellinghaus, Absolute Pitch, Washington, DC

“If you need an irate plumber, a crazed D.J., a well-informed company spokesperson, an excited car dealer or a singing canary, Jeffrey Hedquist is your man or bird. He has a superb ability to listen and take direction and, more importantly, to edit and direct himself. I’d recommend him without reservation, and he didn’t even pay me scale to say this.”
-Phil Clement, Clement Creative, Hartford, CT

“One of the main reasons we keep turning to you for VO’s is the consistent quality you and your staff provide. When you cut a track, I can rest assured that the client’s going to love it. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 firm or a local company, almost every time I play voice talent demos for clients they like yours the best.”
-Tom Whitten, Light & Power Productions, Troy, NY

“You offer a wide range of narration styles ranging from the technical-procedural ‘how-to’ to the warm and friendly ‘next-door-neighbor’ type. Not often have I found such a range of voice styles in one person and when that person is fun and easy to work with - well, so much the better. If anyone should ask me to recommend a fresh new voice style (and they have) I tell them to call Jeffrey Hedquist. His voice talents stand out above the rest.”
-Frank Barton, AEtna Corporate Affairs, Hartford, CT

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Call us at 641-472-6708 or email

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